Perrysburg Ohio Attractions

It's no secret that Ohio is home to several charming, little-known inns that make for a great romantic getaway. You may be surprised to find one of the most romantic hotels in the country hidden away here in Ohio.

Many Ohioans have no idea, but this little-known hotel houses one of the most impressive suites in America. Belamere Suites in Perrysburg, Ohio, recently received the prestigious Best Hotel in Ohio award from the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

Located at the Black Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Perrysburg, Ohio, the National Museum of the Great Lakes tells the story of all five Great Lakes. The site is intended to introduce visitors to life in the Black Swamp from 1803 to 1920 and includes an exhibition on the history of Lake Erie and the Ohio River and its tributaries. Activities and attractions include an indoor area known as a window into wildlife. There are a variety of attractions, including a covered bridge and a hiking trail connected to the local university.

A fun idea is to make a list of places to visit and tick them off for the kids. The list ranges from outdoor parks to explore to museums that can be interesting excursions for children. Look at the glacier grooves for some clean fossils, visit the Put-in-the-Bay on Lake Erie and visit child-friendly activities and historic sites, and see what the kids "stage is all about and more.

There are about two dozen ways to customize your visit to MiSci. Please check the zoo's website for the current opening hours when planning your visit. The zoo is closed during the coldest winter months, so plan a minimum four-hour visit and enjoy a guided tour of the exhibition before heading to Tony Packo's for lunch or dinner with plenty of time.

Visit Henry Ford's to explore the history of the Ford Motor Company and its history in Toledo, Ohio. So write us a list of other great things to do in and around Toledo that you shouldn't miss!

The Battlefield Museum and Educational Center is family-friendly and includes many original war items to share the history of the time with guided tours. The museum, which opened in 2014, replaces the lighthouse in Vermillon, Ohio, which was built on the site of a former training camp for the US Army Corps of Engineers. As part of the $6.2 million renovation project, the museum has also been replaced by a new, modern exhibition covering 3,000 square meters of historic photos, artifacts and exhibits from World War II, the Civil War and the Great Lakes. With new exhibits, interactive exhibits and interactive exhibitions, this museum with the rich history of our Great Lakes is brought to life.

The property offers even more activities, including a variety of activities for children, such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, fishing and more.

Although the Indian Creek Zoo is not officially located in Toledo, or even Ohio, you should definitely visit if you're looking for fun things to do in and around Toledo. A highlight of my visit to Toledo was attending a game between the Toledo Hens, an AAA team affiliated with the Detroit Tigers, and the Cincinnati Reds.

With over 50 miles of hiking trails, you can explore the nature reserve in many ways, from hiking, biking and even a bit of hiking. Boredom is guaranteed, especially with the many hiking and cycling opportunities.

Conveniently located amenities and interesting attractions are a great way to enjoy Perrysburg regularly. The Toledo Zoo is a popular family destination, with a variety of planned activities throughout the year, including animal exhibitions, educational programs and even a zoo tour. Another gem is the Botanical Garden of Toledo, which is made up of pioneering gardens with fragrant meadows and wild flowers. This beautiful nature reserve is surrounded by over 50 km of hiking trails, a wide variety of plants and animals and a number of picnic spots.

One of the main attractions of Wildwood Preserve is the system of trails that cross different terrain. The rest of the park is worth exploring with the family, including a number of hiking trails, a variety of picnic areas and a wide range of activities for children.

For a day trip through history, the family can visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, one of the oldest national parks in the United States.

Enjoy a fun and relaxed atmosphere while visiting the Merry - Go - Round Museum and learning about the history and art of the carousel. This beautiful family park is home to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the largest national park in the United States. The indoor and outdoor family fun centre offers a variety of activities for children and adults as well as a wide range of outdoor activities. Bebe is the largest indoor water park in the world, with an outdoor water slide and water slides for added fun and an indoor playground for children.

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